Our Hearts Were Close

April 8, 2008
By Jonathan Dupre, Luling, LA

Our hearts were close.
Our love was strong.
The feelings I never knew about,
I couldn't get rid of.
We had one night
To be together.
Our futures were set
Completely around eachother.

Of course with us
We had a price.
A one day visit
Then an eternity apart.
We vowed for more time
Swore to have more.
We never had possession
Of the time demanded.

Long times go by,
Not a single word.
A passing thought a day
About the one I love.
We would talk for a night
Catch up on old times.
The feelings we first had
Are the ones we still have.

Finally a reward
A reward for waiting.
A day to see her,
See the one I love.
Hardly a single word to eachother
We fear the consequesnces.
We know that this masquerade,
Will kill us in the future.

Now for the price.
The next eternity.
Feeling completely cut off,
She means the most to me.
Not much more of this can be tolerated
Senses starting to fade.
Without the touch of her lips against mine,
I feel like I am not living.

But now,
A time I wish would not come.
We start to drift apart
and lose contact.
Without knowing she loves me,
Is like taking my heart out.
The feelings we first started out with,
Are not the feelings we are ending with.

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