A Thick Fog...

April 8, 2008
By Jasmine Koch, Aurora, DE

A thick fog envelops me.
Muffled silence presses deeply in my ears.
I welcome it into my being,
letting it bcome a part of me,
and I it.

Must reality come and get me,
to drag me into its frosty arms?
Must it weigh me down like rocks,
to drown me in hoplessness and fear?

I shield my being,
becoming numb and sensless,
and I wonder,
if I can survive.
Lead hand grasp me in iron grips,
holding me back.

My will burns on.
Molten blood pulses through my veins,
making me strong.
Yet, must reality hit me,
Over and over again,
Trying to make me fall?
Only I can save myself.

I struggle to move forward,
my legs don't want to walk,
and my body wants to fall and break,
shatter into a million pieces.
I know I must go on.

Will burns in me again,
Determination is the key,
That unlocks the shell trapping me.
Everything stands still,
waiting for me.
The lock is old and rusted,
it has never been opened.

Unlocking my casing is worth it.
To feel the freedom, I almost forgot.
It caresses me, welcoming me back,
into it's soft embrace.
Like mother and child,
speaking words of comfort and love.

The storm has stopped.
The blue sky beams down on me.
A gentle wind dances through my hair,
and the sun's rays tickle my skin.
My heart is cold,
That's okay, it will thaw with time.


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