How Dare You!!!

April 8, 2008
By Asya Hill, Chicago, IL

How dare you say I don’t know understand

Do you know what it’s like on my land
Fatherless home
Sitting all alone
Hearing the same thing

Them telling you
You wont amount to anything

How dare you say I don’t know
Just listen and I’ll show

Show you what I go threw
All the discrimination
And the elimination
Elimination of love and pride

How dare you say I never knew
Who I was
And who I can become
I don’t know where I derive
Where I come from

How dare you roll your eyes
Are you really surprised
Just because I can be happy
You say I don’t know
Well actually
I do I know more than you
But you don’t hear me crying, no
The only crying is you

So as I sit here positive and kind
You sit there with sadness on your mind
I decided to be optimist
No a pessimist

Like you
All o can do
Is say How Dare You

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