Rhyme of my Life

February 22, 2012
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My basement, memories seep through the walls.
The doctor is taking care of a sick child.
I remember my mind being so calm and mild.
I never saw the light flash before my eyes,
How this part ends was a big surprise.
Not everyone can share this,
But I don’t mind.
Everyone takes it differently, but kind.
Cancer was in my basement following me around.
Cured now, and forever it makes no sound.

The pencil is running on the paper.
The person that’s holding it might be a writer.
Music is everywhere, even on the brain.
I’ve learned that being unique is great,
No one should be ashamed.
So lucky, even though there are days,
I have my friends to get me out of the haze.
I’m on the first floor, dreaming of the future.
I know that it will come sooner than later.
I can make it with a smile to wear.

I’m blinded by the light on the second floor.
To get to the stage, I open the door.
Here I am, finally, at last!
My dedication has paid off from the past.
I get my camera and leave for a while.
All of the pictures I took,
Made it worth while,
Living my dream, busy.
I make time for photography.
I had to climb many stairs,
To get to this second floor.
I just wanted to be someone
That you couldn’t ignore.
These things are always on my mind.
These are my rhymes of life.

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