My Friend

February 21, 2012
By Anonymous

I once had a best friend like no other. 
We were tighter then paper and glue 
Always bonded but people had no clue. 
I would yell I would cry 
And my best friend was there all the time.
My best friend was bitter-sweet, 
Perhaps like sugar and lime.
I always hoped for there to be no end. 
Things happen for a reason, isn’t that what they say? 
The question racing through my mind is: “Will everything be okay?” 
Moments shared and feelings felt are dead and gone. 
They went up and away now there’s nothing going on. 
My best friend’s gone and never will be back. 
How could I possibly express all these emotions that I lack?
My best friend once told me: Best friends forever
And without a doubt I responded forever and ever.

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