Monday Morning

January 28, 2012
By Anonymous

“Wake up! Wake up! Or you’ll be late.
Awake from your lethargic state!
Go brush your teeth, comb your hair straight.
It’s already 7:08.”

“But Mom, oh Mom, my throat is dry.
It hurts so bad I want to cry.
Just look at the pink in my eye!
I’m sick, so in my bed I’ll lie.”

“Lie! Lie! LIE! That’s what you do best.
I know you’re trying to miss that test!
You need to work, not stay and rest.
So don’t you dare try to protest.”

“But Mom! The words I say to you
are always absolutely true.
Just look! My feet are turning blue.
I’m going to catch the flu -- ACHOO!”

“Oh please. Come on! Give me a break.
What else do you have? A headache?
If so, then medicine you take.
With me, there’s nothing you can fake.”

“But I don’t want to go to school.
The playground uses different rules.
The teachers treat me like a fool.
The kids use words that are so cruel.”

“You are going to school today
and there is where you’ll have to stay.
You make the rules and they will play.
Don’t worry what the others say.”

“You know what Mom? I feel just fine.
I know today’s the day I’ll shine.
And - Oh my gosh, look at the time!
It’s already 7:09.”

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