I Want to Believe

April 8, 2008
I want to believe that you're not with her,
but you tease me and now I'm just not so sure.
I wait for a message, just for you to call,
but the phone doesn't ring, not for me at all.
My eyes fill with tears, thoughts fill my head,
it hurts so much, I'd rather be dead
You used to love me, now you say you do,
but I can't seem to believe that it's totally true.
Sometimes we are perfect, sometimes we are not,
and now we are fighting, I'd rather be shot.
I feel you dont care, my heart's in a trap.
You'd rather go racing and listen to rap.
I worry about you all night and all day.
I'm too scared someone will take you away.
You know I am your's, but are you still mine?
Something just tells me your not doing fine.
I'm scared and I'm sad and I'm fed up with blame.
I'm tired, so tired of playing this game.
I just want to love you, want to be your girl.
I don't wanna fight, cuz boy your my world.

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