Words of Truth

April 8, 2008
By Michael Roysdon, Atco, NJ

Crimson light surges in the air
I’m searching the thunder Clouds
For the words of truth
Running down empty streets
Shards of glass in the corners
Reflecting the hallucination
I’ve shattered in two.

Here I’ll make a last stand
Ripping though the raging clouds
To uncover the words of truth
Searching the edges of this world
words of truth covered in secrecy
A fable of ancient legend
Dwelling in depths of consciousness

Blackened text, endless riddles
Making each link a distorted maze
Endlessly roaming this realm
Men being sedated by its siren
Falling pray to succubus and incubus
Never able to reach Icarus
The path to the words of truth

On the wings of Icarus
I find a way to battle
Thunder clouds and shatter
The lock on the seal
Through the golden gates
I’ll stand with this brazen sword
To hear the words of truth

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