It's Cause My Hand is Darker Than Yours

April 8, 2008
By kendra bristow, Ocean View, HI

I have never murdered or beaten anyone

and yet by being alive i somehow do you harm?

by walking on your sidewalk does my skin color

somehow make your air dirty and unbreathable?

by attending the same school do i ruin your education?

by drinking from the same fountain do i poison you?

are the days of segregation, racism, and slavery over,

or are they just easier to ignore?

i will not pick up your rubbish because you say to,

or listen as you call me names,

and make me the butt of your jokes.

do you want me to feel worthless?

apologise to you for the way i was born?

i'm sorry i have color that shows through my skin

would you like me to avoid the sun

till my color fades and i become as pale as you?

why would i do that?

so i can burn and turn red when i go to the beach?

so my embarrassment for your ignorance shows on my cheeks?

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