Song of the Winter Bird

February 20, 2012
The winter is cold, and all is silent
Nothing dares to make a sound
Nothing is kind, nothing is violent
It is neutral all around.

Plants, animals, none can see
What lies beneath the layer of snow
None but the one bird, perched in the tree
Dying to learn, yearning to know.

It lifts its head, its beak in the air
A few notice, but they pay no heed
For a while, it just poses there
For it is about to fulfill the need.

Then it does it, it utters the call
Its pure sound travels throughout the land
Each ringing note is heard by all
And all flock to where the tree and bird stand.

The animals exult, the plants sway with glee
As the snow begins to melt
Revealing wonders for all to see
Evoking feelings that were never felt.

As all the creatures of the winter
Gently ease themselves into spring
Never let freedom again be hindered
Let it always and forever ring.

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