Scared Yet?

April 8, 2008
By Kaitlyn Peske, Ravenna, OH

Scared yet?

I have a disturbed mind,

& a weak heart.

My ribs are showing and poking through.

I'm not here where I'm supposed to be,

I feel like I need to be set free

let go away from my cage.

To fly away like a bird in the sky

to never return again,

never to look back at what I've left.

I cried when I knew your were happy

knowing I wasn't the reason.

I'm over it now.

I'm letting it all go.

with just one sweet piece of the candy

that would bring me to my grave,

it could be over with.

All done.

I wish I could be strong.

like you.

I'm letting go.

I see this life through bloodshot eyes

from all my sleepless nights.

I stumble and I fall.

There's no one there to pick me up.

I fear I will be forgotten.

When I sleep I toss and turn.

The nightmares keep coming.

Everything is pulling me in different directions

I don't know what way to go.

I wish I could just flat out say how I feel

I'm sorry I just keep rambling on and on

But nothing I want to say makes any since.

I'm scared of losing everything that matters.

I'm scared of trusting.

I'm scared of not being strong enough.

I'm scared of not being tough enough.

I'm scared of the hurt.

I'm scared of the pain.

I'm scared of the fights.

I'm sacred of the tears.

I'm scared of the lies.

I'm scared of the future.

I'm scared of my past.

I'm scared of being left behind.

I'm scared of believing.

I'm scared of the darkness in your eyes.

I'm scared of fate.

I'm scared of time.

I'm scared of the truth.

I'm scared of you

I'm scared of love

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