The Cross of Christ

April 8, 2008
By Sarah Riddlebarger, Colorado Springs, CO

I remember a Christmas long ago
When the ground was covered with snow.
I received a special gift that day
One which I treasure even today.
I opened the box in which it was contained
To find a special note which explained.
“This gift is a special gift,” it read.
“It is a symbol of your life ahead. It will help you find your way
And remind you to often pray. This gift I give to you now
Shall demonstrate true love’s vow.”
I looked in the box again
And the message became clear then.
I held the gift up for everyone to see
How precious true love could be.
In my hand I held the cross of Christ
Which showed me how true love was priced.
It now sits in my room to stay
And reminds me of Christ’s true love everyday.

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