Wasted By His Last Breath

April 7, 2008
By Ayla Scolet, Spring Valley, MN

Wasted by his last breath,
Dieing from the pain,
People look at me as they look at u…
They are not stupid,
They know we’re different,
They just don’t say a thing!
Some one help,
I think I’m trouble!
Wait a little bit,
No one comes,
They know I’m here,
But they don’t want anything to do with me!
Just cuz I’m different from the rest…
Pain, sadness…
Sadness, pain!
They are equal hand in hand!
Wait a little bit longer…
Scream aloud “SOME ONE HELP!’
No answer…
Wait some more…
From a distance,
You can hear a voice call,
You wake up,
Sweat on your head,
On your pillow,
And on your shirt!
Lay back down…
Listen to the voice,
Try real hard to recognize it,
Fall asleep,
don’t wake up for another 10 hours,
Wake up in a different place!
Somewhere you cant recall,
Its called life,
Life in the real world,
The world you thought you were in,
The life you tried to run from…
Remembering that voice sayen “NO ONES LISSTIONIN….JUST GIVE UP”
It doesn’t mean give up on life…
It means give up on the life that you thought you were alone in,
The life you thought no one cared,
The life that left you just sit there,
Scared of living and scared dieing…
Scared to get close and then have the door shut in your face,
People walken by,
don’t judge others by who they are…
Please be leave me…
They are cruel,
Life is hard,
But that is why,
You let life run its coarse,
Till the end…

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