As We Go On Walking

April 7, 2008
As we go on walking, I come upon his face
Mysterious with a sense of grace
Flowing swiftly as he walks
Gliding over pebbly rocks

Something familiar, seems strange to me
That this face could possibly be
Anything more than a passer by
But remember this face, I’ve got to try

The flawless structure along his jaw
Staring as I stand in awe
Wondering how it came to be
He’s on the path approaching me

He looks up and our eyes meet
A look so innocent and sweet
Those crystal clear, deep blue eyes
Take me back and by surprise

Slowly we pass, his hand brushes mine
He smiles big, soft and kind
He opens his mouth to begin to speak
I feel my knees quickly go weak

Something about this guy I see
Passing slowly next to me
The familiarity in his face
Longing to feel his deep embrace.

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