The Girl in the Mirror

April 7, 2008
By Hye Eun Chee, Easley, SC

Everyday I find myself
Staring in the mirror
I know what I will see
Insecure, ugly me
Black hair, pale face
Misshaped nose and a bad complexion
I don't even need to look
I know what I will see
Then why am I always disappointed?

My mother used to tell me
You're an ugly duckling now
But someday you'll turn into a
Beautiful swan
Well, it's been five years
But I still see the ugly duckling
I know what it feels like to be left out
An outcast, a loner
I know I'm forgettable
I don't "sparkle" like the
Gorgeous girl next to me with all the
Money and boys in the world
It's hopeless to think I'll ever reach that level of perfection
Then why am I always disappointed?

Someday, when I become a swan, I'll see myself as beautiful
Someday in the mirror
I'll see who I want to become
A girl
Shiny black hair,
Pert nose and flawless complexion
Beautiful, Confident, Sweet
A girl who is unforgettable
Like a favorite perfume,
A girl who always lingers in people's minds

When I become a swan I'll
Soar over the horizon
I'll be true to myself
I won't be disappointed anymore
Surprisingly, I won't even regret my
Ugly duckling stage
I'll realize it has made me who I am

Till then,
I continue to look in the mirror
I know what I'll find
I look up, reluctantly,
Dreading the face staring back
But I see someone else entirely

A girl
With a shy smile and a secret
She's sort of confident
Kind of like a baby on wobbly legs
But it's a start
Maybe I can be like her
Maybe I can be confident
Maybe I can be beautiful
Maybe I'm not that disappointed anymore

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