April 7, 2008
By Alex Zagorski, Solon, OH

The cold branches snap
In the cool evening air
Falling snow clouds
The setting sun’s glare
Golden rays search
Yearning towards me
As I wait for it
Beside the blanket-coated tree
All the earth is still
Except a loud, rumbling roar
Echoing in the distance
Making frightened birds soar
How I despise this sound
Disturbing my peace and tranquility
It comes towards my alcove
With increasing agility
Dusk settles in
Streaked with periwinkle blue
All yearns towards sleep
All, except us, just two
It comes with fast pace
I hear its sour breath scream
The air fills with fire,
The ground giving off steam.
It strikes me fast without haste
And runs me into the ground
Neighbors fall before us
Litter is scattered all ‘round
Its iron body cannot feel
How it tears at my flesh
Bulldozing us over
Creating havoc and distress
No tears would be shed
By those taken that night
No one could assure me
It would all be alright
No obituary would appear
The next morning in the paper
About the night loggers killed
And maimed me, Mother Nature.

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