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February 11, 2012
By dancu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
dancu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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A fair face enamored even our god of the sea
So Neptune took her body in the temple of Minerva
But Minerva hated this and did not let Medusa be
And made her beauty blind to all eyes of the era

Her hair writhed and distorted into serpents, who spat at Minerva when she fled,
Eyes of old beauty poisoned all who looked on her
Only her equally grotesque sisters could take sight on her head.
Still consumed in her own beauty, she took to her own squander.

Within a cave she dwelled for years,
Surrounded by petrified figures who had strived to kill the gorgon
In her temple of aria, she was filled with only fears
That her end would be anon

And that day death was in the form of a man wit.
As she awoke from her icy slumber, Perseus struck her neck
With a blow that was a lethal hit
This sword would end both his and her trek.

From her death Neptune's child fled, born with a horse body and great white wings
And crimson blood fell in the ocean and hardened to coral
Her still venomous eyes saved her killers mother from killer kings
And her face immortalized on the shield of Minerva, her rival.

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