April 7, 2008
By Alyssa Smith, Hamilton, TX

I know
You always wear navy blue because Mom hates that shade;
You despise all sweet things, including her;
You speak in riddles and half-truths;
You and Mom were happy once.
I know everything I can about you.
I've seen
Colorless photos of you and Mom;
Love letters between the two of you;
Gifts she gave you that you left behind;
Nostalgia in her emotionless eyes when she speaks of you.
I've seen you from an outsider's view.
I miss
Being able to talk to a father;
Bedtime stories told by a parent;
Having memories of both you and Mom.
I miss having someone to call Dad.

I know you
The best I possibly can.
I've seen you;
I have an idea of what you look like today.
I miss you
Even if I've never meet you.
But you don't even know my name.

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