The Silver Dragon

February 14, 2012
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The silver dragon spreads her wings at the sight of the afternoon sun.
Yawning, she stretches knowing that her work has begun.
A lazy smile crosses her lips as she flaps her wings to fly.
Soaring past the clouds she goes right through the atmospheric sky.

Past the Milky Way she moves, faster than a rocket ship’s unearthly grace.
She finds her way to the stars; her glimmering home in space.
The stars surround her with an iridescent silver glow.
Yet the whimsical creature keeps moving, pretending not to know.

The silver dragon makes her flight, whisking through the midnight sky;
the mortals below ever oblivious to the creature passing by.
Whoosh she goes soaring around the Earth,
a never ending job she’s been doing since birth.

Her wings slump in tiredness, journey nearing its end;
the orbiting stars and planets serve as her only friend.
The dragon yawns a breath of silver smoke;
she wraps her wings around herself like the branches of a wilting oak.

The silver dragon curls up in a ball,
Her pace slows down to ensure that she won’t fall.
She remains hidden among the clouds now that her day is done,
Just to settle in the west with the rise of the morning sun.

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