The Colors of a Tree

February 14, 2012
Gray is the color of the seeds underground,
Blurred without knowing when they are to be found.
And the future holds in the hands of nature’s own mother,
Who can assassinate or revive them one after another.

Yellow is the color of sunlight that gives bloom,
Leaving all of those who don’t receive time to loom.
And that yellow is hard to see,
When that seedling is stuck in the shadows of another tree.

Purple is the color of hope kept by every sapling,
Wishing they won’t lose their game of grappling.
And they allow an ember to glow in their heart,
Trying to stop wind from blowing that ember apart.

Green is the color of that final tree,
Who grew to be larger than the Mediterranean Sea.
And caused an apple to grow,
Leaving the fruit of life to keep the status quo.

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