A Boy Foolish Enough to Go on His Own

April 7, 2008
By Holly Shelton, Savannah, GA

A boy foolish enough to go on his own
foolish enough to face a grave enemy
foolish help others that stand before him
begging for his help
and his help alone.

He leaves them behind and goes on his own
never once looking back on what and those he has left behind
he knows his life is about to change forever.

He soon wonders if he should stay or should he go
soon he wonders whom should he trust
he can't even trust himself.

But he goes on growing more powerful not knowing what to do
fighting off the urge to run to hide
he wants to hide so badly,
but he can't.

He kills and kills some more
wanting more blood
he soon grows to love the taste of blood
and he wants more
it over takes him, but yet he can't fight it
he knows it will soon over take him
but what can he do?

All he does is sit there and wait...waits...and waits for someone to cross his path
whether it be good or whether it be evil
he wants that person's blood
he lives off of blood it helps him survive
it is him
he soon kills off and entire village
knowing who he is not.

The power of wanting more blood grows within him
so does the power of something he cannot detect
he needs it
he wants it
he can't survive without it.

He wants to go back home
to go back to the ones he love
the ones he could help
but yet he could not.

He has to move on
to go back to the ones he love
the ones he could help
but yet he could not.

He has to move on
to kill to survive
he looks back on his past
thinks who he once was and who he is now
he goes on
and the power grows.

He walks on killing everyone in sight
wanting blood their blood
their fear he sees as his own and still he kills
his power grows stronger
his enemy blood runs deep within him.

He knows he has nowhere to go
he just walks, runs, rides, trying to find
place where he could call home his home
he knows he left his home a long time ago.

Home where he had friends family and
people who wanted him
now no one wants him now
not even himself.

Everyone shuns him away
pushing him further back
away from them and even himself.

Hope, faith, destiny all leaves him
dread fear, death fills the places
he has no one who wants him
to fill him up with joy and happiness.

He still kills and drinks the blood of the ones he killed
he tries to stop but he cannot stop
nothing can stop him
no one can stop him
he wants to be stopped
to be killed
but no one will or can stop him.

He goes on not knowing what or who he is anymore
not knowing what to do
who is he?
he knows not.

He has lost the urge to live
to breath
to fight
he knows he lives
he breaths blood pumps through him
he lets the power that has been growing
within him overtake him
he has lost.

He changes
he hides deep within his mind prayin to be safe
fangs grow in the place of his teeth
his hair goes long wild and black
his eyes go red
claws grow in the places of his fingernails.

He kills and drinks the blood of good and evil
his fangs are stained red with blood
he has changed
he has changed
he needs help, but no one can give it to him
they leave him in the darkness
with no fighting chance to survive to live.

He soon returns to his village
with no happiness within him
he soon returns to his village ready to kill
he kills friends he once played with friends he once saved
friends who he once helped and who helped him.

He sees them, but he cannot stop
he does not know them anymore
nor do they know him
his fears he sees as his own
in different bodies
in different spirits
their blood becomes his power
their blood is on him
their blood is in him.

He kills family that he once loved
family he once saved
family that once welcomed him in their arms
family that was once his and him theirs
he kills them their fear his own
it is within him and within them
their blood runs in him
it is him
it lets him live
it lets him survive.

The power grows stronger in him as he
goes out of the village leaving the bodies
of friends and family behind
the friends and family he once loved and hate
he kills anyone and anything.

Fear, death, dread fills him up where
happiness, faith, destiny once filled
he goes on wanting more blood
wanting something that is deep within him
he can’t find out what it is.

He know the power within him is strong
it will keep getting stronger until it kills him
his old self is almost gone
little is left.
the power has almost over taken him.

He knows he can’t do anything to stop it
he keeps killing and killing
now knowing what he has done
killing so many innocent people
that has done none to him or even know him
his enemy comes closer.

He fights for control, bet he cannot win
the power is to strong it over takes him
he has one last chance
he knows what he must do.

He knows he has to kill his own enemy
he has to
he has to live
the enemy is him
he is his own enemy!!

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