April 7, 2008
By Claudia Wilke, Evansville, WI

I never realized it,
You were always this way,
I liked you too much to see it.

You have always hurt me,
And I never saw it till now,
I won’t ever make this mistake again.

You were always mean,
You never truly cared.

You said stuff about me,
Behind and to my face,
I thought you were different,
But you’re not.

You’re the same as every guy,
I don’t know why I thought you weren’t.

I’m sorry for ever talking to you,
I guess alls I ever did was annoy you.

I want to make things right,
But you won’t forgive me,
And you won’t take anything back.

You refuse to be nice to me,
To be my friend.

You’re hurting me,
And I am sad all the time.

I wish I never met you.

I wish I wasn’t sitting here thinking about you,
Thinking about who I thought you were,
Someone who cared,
Someone who understood,
Because you’re not,
And you never will be.

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