She Waalks With a Tude

April 7, 2008
By Aisha Momodu, Las Vegas, NV

She walks with a tude
But doesn’t mean to be rude.
She lives on the campus
That she always saw herself living on,
USC. Working extremely
Hard to show that she can do it
Playing sports, which she deeply hates
If anyone from her high school saw her now they wouldn’t recognize her
She vowed to work on her appearance.
Everyday she wears jewelry, dressy shoes, and business like clothing
She has taken the quote
“The first impression sticks”
To heart, she works to get everyone to know her
“Hello my name is Anita”
She introduces herself with Anita which is actually her first name
Eliminating Aisha as a whole
Since employers would think it’s a “GHETTO GIRL” applying for the job
And turn her away.
She knows that by knowing people in this world
She will get somewhere
Anita’s out to prove to everyone including herself
That a BLACK GIRL or rather a BLACK WOMAN can
Do anything a white man can.

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