A Walk to My Mother's House

April 7, 2008
By sandy chirinos, Tallahassee, FL

I walk down to my mothers house
I see that grumpy man on the sidelines
he waves me a smile, my world turn upside down
What had just happen did that man that I know for a while just smiled.
I ran away from the man that I thought I knew.
Ahh there that kittly that I adore running to me.
Finally something normal, or so I thought the Kitty or should I say Cat came and clawed me now I know this ain't right.
What is happening to my life.
A Man that was always grumpy turns nice, and now the Kitty that I adore has came and tackled me.
Yikes all I want to do is go home now.
That was intell I found out it was my turn to go to my dad's house!!!!!!!!!

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