My Brain

April 7, 2008
By Jordyn seckel, Tallahassee, FL

Like 200lbs. of armor
come crashing down
on my brain. When you’re in
a 2,000 feet deep ditch looking up

wanting to get out
to look out into the
ancient world with foam horses and
the eagles soaring and even the deaths.
That’s how it feels in my brain.
When I hear a word that reminds me of the
Things I love to know more about.
Yes trapped is how my brain feels
always wanting more, but not always able
to get it, to even touch it.
My brain thrives for it,
it’s more than a want,
it’s a need. My brain needs it or it will forget,
forget it all and never be able to get my memory back.
And when my brain can’t get it,
it attacks.
My brain tries to go back over it.

I never no what the outcome will be.

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