April 7, 2008
By Samuel Tew, Tallahassee, FL

Tick-tock, tick tock
Goes the little clock
Then out the window it will go
Landing, rolling in the snow
Quiet, chilling, all outside
How I cannot wait to ride
I get up quick, put on my shoes
Go to the dining room, turn on the news
It says that it will snow all day
I jump in the air and shout “Hooray!”
I make sure that I’m set to go
To play out in that wonderful snow
I run out the door, to the beautiful white
Shining, glistening, what an angelic sight
I run up the hill to see who is there
And see my friends making a snow bear
I join in fast, don’t want to lose
All the precious moments and nice views
After all the fun and games are done
Toward my house I start to run
Into my house, all cozy and warm
Hot chocolate by the fire, yum
Maybe tomorrow I will go
Into that wonderful, beautiful snow

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