The Big Boat

March 11, 2008
By Heidi Martin, Chesterfield, VA

It all started with a 1970 something Wellcraft, 27 feet long.
Little did the husband know at the time that this boat would become his family’s trademark.
The parents used it cruise around Okracoke Island.
The dog, Casey, dubbed it her personal launch into the salt water.
Then Amy came, and the Big Boat was their trusty Piankatank River fishing boat.
When Heidi came, the Big Boat’s cabin was the best nappin’ spot in Virginia.
The Big Boat gave Jane reason to snuggle with mom.
Maryann took after Heidi and napped in the Big Boat.
They got bigger…Amy learned to knee-board.
Heidi developed a love of the quaint creeks that house jolly old sailboats. Jane learned to swim.
Maryann learned how to say “Big Boat”.
Another dog, Elle, came into their lives. She loved sitting on the dock basking in the summer sun.
Casey passed.
All four girls begged daddy for a tube to pull behind the Big Boat.
After one round in the tube Amy was the only girl not shaking from fear.
The girls got braver.
Amy and Heidi intentionally jumped from the tube and learned what Advil is really for.
The Big Boat was still running great.
It brought the family home during insane lightning storms, and it started to be their escape from everyday life.
They got a new dog, and he loves the Big Boat, now called The Wellcraft.
All four girls are still growing.
Now they all sit out on the dock listening to Kenny Chesney, watching their trademark rock in the gentle waves.
Then someone gets bored and they start up the Wellcraft and cruise out to all their favorite places along the river they grew up on.
It all started with a 1970 something Wellcraft, 27 feet long.

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