Upon a Lonely Longing Dream

March 11, 2008
By Collin Schneide, Midlothian, VA

Upon a lonely longing dream,
It only brings up what it seems,
So many distant choices cast,
Yet which one ever tis my last
To fly...

Upon my window perch I lay,
Beneath is but a shadows way,
The canyons deeps and narrow guile,
Are only waiting for a while,
*as they sigh...*

I look upon the endless caism,
It smiles, twinkles, 'pon its fathoms,
A sweet invite to come such closer,
As little left to come much closer

I strenghten soul and take a step,
Its though much closer, tis little left
Close my eyes and let else go,
As all is drifting to and fro,
*fall through the sky...*

All upon a lonely longing dream...

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