Take Me Back

March 11, 2008
Serpentine wine running
South to celebrate the joyous outcome of years
past to present.
You look at me with those eyes;
those eyes, deep and never dull.
Submerged into a sea of security and bliss,
Like that of a fairytale.
…you stumbled upon my slipper, you woke me from that
slumber so prolonged.

Like the smell of pinkish orchid-
Refreshing is that timeless second.
Our lips touch.

Thoughts of notes traced with hints of infatuation,
your letters twisted and turned
as my feet are lightly lifted off the solid earth.

That image of aligning balls of fire
and planets all crowded in the blank canvas
of space above us—
they cast enough deserving light upon our ageless faces,
illuminating our first love.

Days awake crammed with untouched and
fragile admiration, as we lie comfortable
and content.
Nights bombarded with consistent desire, just another moment of
complete thoughtlessness,
those butterflies seeping into the pit of my stomach that they call home.

You still stare seep into all of me
with those eyes, deep and never dull.
Our love has not dwindled-
only grown.

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