Blank Pages

March 11, 2008
By Kasey Mog, Parker, CO

It's a strange place to be in, with nowhere to turn
I'm looking to you now, if you teach, I swear I'll learn
Stop looking away from what's happening here
It got brushed away, but I still caught sight of that fear
We're all bleeding daily, even more in the night
Take a look at the scars now, frankly, it's a pitiful site
You can't hold me up, when the only direction you know is down
I can't help you out, if you scream with no sound
All I can see now, is the way that this was
And your pathetic excuses, "Just cause"
Erase it and replace it, with words that never were
Something beautiful, contagious, in a blur that caught fire
If you're looking for a catalyst, I'm always up for hire
We thought we could do this, we almost knew it could be done
But take a look at this now, Love
All that's left of this thing we called "Living",
After all that we've done, there can be no forgiving
All that's left, at the end of this maze,
Are these words, written, on a blank page.

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