A Beautiful Destruction

January 19, 2012
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A Beautiful Destruction
The soft wind blew hard that night.
Small droplets of rain in ample amounts came pouring down.
The wind gently ripped through trees and homes.

You could hear the loud whispers of trees crying out for help.
You could smell the storm brewing its fierce stew,
A concoction of wind, rain, and thunder.
You could see the leaves scattering around in fear of the storm.
The howling wind was soon silenced by the deafening thunder.
The wind blew the falling houses upwards and carried the pieces away.

What a beautiful destruction the storm had created.

People began having silent outbursts as they watched the
Violent weather peacefully come their way.
And families hid in fear feeling as though they were dying to survive.
The black night, lit with white lighting,
Beheld a devouring storm, tearing down anything in its path.

And as a woman saw her home being blown away,
She gave her children a sad smile,
Knowing that at least they were safe.

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