January 19, 2012
When the snow falls from the sky
I get warmth in my heart.
There is nothing better then the whiteness of snow.
So pure, so perfect, so right.
I love the sight of white crystals
Falling from the heavens.
I love the feeling of little pellets
Landing on my shoulders.
I love the smell of the sparkling air
Smothering me like a blanket.
I love it all!
When the sky becomes white
Then it spreads for as far as you can see.
Covering all that you can see,
The grass, sidewalks, driveways, and roads.
Everything becomes slick,
Like an ice rink.
And the busses might slip and slide
So the school decides it’s not safe to drive.
Then you get that wonderful sight
Of seeing your school
On the closed list.
There must be a little bit of snow
To cause a snow day.
Then some joy comes to mind
When I think about all that time.
Sleeping in is always a plus
Especially when you open your refueled eyes
Too see nothing but powder for miles.
In the end winter is wonderful
But when the spring comes
The warmth in my heart
Turns to a clump of ice.

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