What Family Does

January 19, 2012
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What Family Does

You sit there so smug,
In this room, so empty.
Could you be any more annoying?

With your pretty grin,
With your locks of golden brown hair,
You stand so tall over me,
You say we were wrong.

We didn’t do anything,
We didn’t interrupt your “perfect” life,
We minded own business,
We were hardly even there.

Yet you were the one who kicked us out.
We were homeless.
Don’t you understand that?

You can’t do that to someone,
When you said you would help.
You were the one that offered.
If you didn’t want to,
You didn’t have to.

In this time and age that we are,
We can handle the big bad world.

When you were finished with us,
You dumped all your crap on us,
We didn’t need you to abandon us.
We already had a bad life before
We didn’t need you to add to it.

The way you saunter around like you’re a big shot.
The way you stick your nose up in the air.
The way you think a hug can make it all better like when someone dies,
Well no ones dead.

This unclear understanding makes me sick,
Makes me want to rip your head off
Watch as the blood trickles down your neck,
And watch as the rats feed off your flesh

I’ll watch you as you crash and burn,
I’ll watch you turn down the wrong path,
I’ll watch you as you beg for me to help.

But do you know what I’ll do?

I’ll give you a place to live,
I’ll pay for everything with out needing a thank you.
I’ll give you advice on your troubles,
I’ll help you through,
Because that what family does.

Unlike you.

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