Escaping You

January 19, 2012
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I hear you come near and look for somewhere to run.
The sound of your footsteps nearing brings a tremble to my whole body.
I glance out the window to the beautiful flower garden
to forget that you are approaching.
The beautiful flowers demanding that you go away,
yet you do not listen.
I hear the music from your headphones blaring
and I can not help but start to sneak away.
You still approach,
and hearing your voice makes my whole body quiver.
You pat me on the back,
but it feels more like a slap in the face.
I try to think of something to say to you for you to leave,
but I have said it all before and you still do not understand,
so I stay silent,
and so do you.
I wish you would just turn around and walk away,
but of course you will not.

You break the silence and ask me why we do not talk,
I try to look away,
but you continue to gaze as you wait for an answer,
yet I do not have any response for you, I just can not explain why.
I can not help but wonder what you would say if we switched places
You pace closer and closer,
exploding my personal bubble,
until I just can not take it anymore
I back further and further away and go to the nearest door,
leading anywhere but here
I push the door open and the sound of the creak makes me feel like the door is cheering for my escape.

I make it out
but through the window I see the sour look on your face.
I try not to laugh, but yet I can not help it.
You really just do not understand how easy it would be
if we just did not talk anymore.
You need to grasp my bitter feelings for you,
for I have a slight distaste in you.
And you must accept my feelings for the way they are.
It is too late to try to apologize
and too soon to try to converse.

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