Never Stop Believin'

March 10, 2008
By Lauren Young, Quitaque, TX

You go day by day
not worrying about a thing.
Nothing can go wrong
we live in the US of A
so often we think,
that because we're the best
nothing can stop us
or hurt us at best
we always forget
just why we're so safe
who's giving up lives
who's lives have been taken
so we can live
without even thinkin'
so many soliders
that fight just for you
so that you can live and play as you do
another "certain protection"
so often forgotten
is always there day after day
and night after night
they try to take the proection away
by removing his name
from everything public.
you migh hurt someone's feelings
they say again and again
did it ever occur that it hurts his and my feelings
when I can't say his name
or talk to him in school?
I pledge to the flag
and it just don't sound right
leaving out GOD, just doesn't seem right
we were built under him
it had to have been
how else would THIS nation still stand?
we can't waif for a wake up call
not another 9-11
not a war worse than Iraq
you gripe and complain
we've got to get out
our sons
our daughters
and mothers
and fathers
are DYING out there
and YES this is true
and a TERRIBLE thing
but the chose to serve
to put their life on the line
so that YOU can go to bed at night
without blacking out the curtains
with a roof over your head
and food in your stomach
do you not see how good we've got it
they chose to fight
to fight for what's right
so no more children
will stand up in class
and say, "my daddy couldn't be here you see, he watches over me in heaven, cause HE was up in the towers that fateful day."
so another husband won't say, "she was flying to Washinton just a short business trip, who'd have thought i'd never see her again."
we praise the fire-fighters and police
with VERY good reason
but shouldn't our soliders recieve the same treatin'?
i'm not saying all this to hurt any feelin's
i'm just tryin' to get ya beliveing!
Remember days when so much was lost
and remember why it doesn't happen so often
so never forget
all the lives that have been taken
and never forget your heart's not the only one achin'
so live day by day
help someone out
do what you can
even try what you can't
but don't stop believing
again and again

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