An Awful Green Envious Monster

March 10, 2008
By Rachel Salmon, Crestwood, KY

An awful green envious monster
lives inside him
Full of hate anger and jealousy
Toward every breathing creature
He has to get away from the pain

The hate grows
He clenches his fists
As the rage boils over; filling his heart
The monster takes over his body
Brings him to this evil place
Where love is merely a memory
He returns home to a horrible mess
Of al things evil

He needs to release the
Agony and anger

In a bloody gash
The haterd slowly
Seeps out of
His weakening body

Tears now stain his cheeks
Drip off his chin
Feeling love enter his body again
Only makes the tears come harder
Even though he knows
His painful Solution
Has only made matters worse

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