At My Call

January 18, 2012
I wiped the dried up tears away

To make a clear path for the freshly forming ones

I feel as if I am wasting the time of my tears

That they do not deserve to be called upon by the likes of me

Why should I have that power over something higher up on the ladder than me?

But they come as they are beckoned

They answer my call

And fall freely from my eyes in a steady stream

Down my face

I look at the seat belt thinking I should put it on

But put that thought to rest

Because if we crash I could go out the windshield and die

And why try and stop a blessing such as that?

So I sit there in the darkness of the cold car
Awaiting for the ice to take control of the wheels and end it all

While I cry, thinking about all the things that could be

And have been.

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