March 10, 2008
By Andeia Cowan, Hempstead, NY

I'm still findin' it hard to accept the fact that you're gone
Even though many people put it so bluntly
(Okay, and she's been dead HOW MANY years??)
I'm down here on this Earth
Grounded, but lookin' up at you...
I love you.
This ain't necessarily a poem
(But it's still dedicated to you)
And this ain't necessarily a heart-to-heart
(But my feelings deep inside are true)
I just can't focus, can't understand of fathom
How does it feel to suddenly soar away out of body
Look back at the mess and you're in it
Hearts damaged, eyes flooded
Another one to miss, but love for all eternity.
Those hands keep spinnin', and these hands keep twisitin'
As I try to figure this situation out
Almost a couple years later
And with the holidays comin' you'll not be around
So I'll top the tree with somethin' like you
Representin' those heavenly eyes watchin' me
Watch you
Lovin' me, love you.
Spirits intermingle on a different "plane"
And I take a walk with you, just to be with you again.
But all dreams must end, I'm afraid.
I wake up, while you forever sleep.
Your dreams were real, if only for a moment while mine were not.
And I love you for it anyway.

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