In my Mind

March 10, 2008
By cynthia can, Sylmar, CA

We the people creators of our own destiny threw the preferences we decide amongst ourselves…Builders yet Destroyers of our own lives due to mistaken appearances…Menaces to our fait based on our reflections…Eyes blinded not able to look past the abstract image which stands before us…Knuckle-headed and confused, brainwashed by those who claim domination as to them we are a miner illusion of a neighborhood legion…So they say…We are claimed to be the future which lies in our hands…Such debris they feed us…I am just another youngster in society raised in the varrios and ghettos of L.A. living up to what I and others similar to myself were crafted to complete… Surviving this war zone…being a majority I have no choice but in this white society I’m like a woman with out a voice…These words that I live by I’m going to stand by and one day die by so hear me out.

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