A Piece That Won't Fit in the Puzzle of Life

March 10, 2008
By Jessica Preissler, Fishers, IN

Until awoken
Asleep forever
My soul hidden beneath the depths of the earth
Taken fromt he place I thought I knew
But never understood
No feelong or joy
Ever springs out
Only hatred and no peace
No love to put my mind at ease
Just dreams, realm fantasies, that fufill it
Ones that will never come true
Until I'm alive once again.
They just float away, away from
the hatred and the hurt
To a whole different world altogether
A world that doesn't and will never exsist
Tears flowing, freely, down my face
The taste of salt on my lips
I can feel the shimmering tears upon my face
But I can't, won't, feel the pain
that pulses through my veins
Too much pain to feel anything
Until i can't feel anything at all...
The knife
The scars
The thought of how easy it would be.
Just some scarred lines and a bloody blade
And then the hurtful pain fades away
All the killing pain that won't stop
Forever it goes on
Never once stopping
And putting an end to see how much damage it has made
How much it affects that one person
so horribly
Like a broken record
That goes on 'til the earth ends
No cause
It's a horror movie that you play inside your head
Over 'n' over again
Like a song lyric you can't get out of your mind
It's a part of you that you try to keep hiddin secretly
Something you try to keep bottled up inside
But all that does is make everything worse
Until you can't take it anymore
and you take it all out...
When your done you feel so relieved and relaxed,
Until you find out later that
you regret it
You regret it so badly that all
you want to do is take it all back
Grab everything, all the words, and drown them in the deepest ocean
You want to forget you ever did anything
That their was never anything there
Hopeing it was all jsut a dream
A horrific, terrifying nightmare.
But that won't happen
You were just hoping it was
a dream remember?
But you don't want to remember
You want to take that memory
out of your head
And let it fade away,
into total darkness
Where it may never return
But that won't happen either
So don't think about it.
Don't think about anything.
None of the diseasters you've been through
The life threatning beatings,
or the chains that have dragged you down.
Not the blade that has pierced
and wrecked your heart
or the wrods and rumors
that has killed you altogether
Imagine you mind blank
Blank, like the sky when no clouds are amoung them
Like a fresh, new piece of white paper that has never been used or touched before.
When nothing is there
There's no deathly thoughts
Nothing that can hurt you
Nothing to sneak up from behind you and attack
Nothing there to shadow you
with hurtful, meaningless, elements
Things that won't go away.
When nothing's there,
Your not either.
All you are is a lost tiny speck
A speck floating amoung fields of forgotten, mindless specks
No point of being there
They're just there
No other place to go
and many things to hide
Things you want to demolish
No will inside to hold them back
Just fear...
Just the one piece of the puzzle that won't fit
The one that doesn't fit in the puzzle of life.
The piece that identify's us on both sides
The exact one that can destroy a person in an instant
Like a sonceboom but faster.
So fast that we don't know it at first
We don't notice anything at all
until its too late.
Too late to change it and start over
Be reborn
To reduce all the fears and mistakes
But it's never too late to give the one tiny piece of you that
you never knew was still there
That one piece is love
Love can save someone
And so can you...

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