Highway 365

March 10, 2008
By Talia Bastien, Cypress, CA

What do you choose to do with your day?
When you come home from school just aching to play?
To have fun and party when homework is due
And resolve that a flunking grade doesn’t matter to you
How do you spend your time alone?
Do you surf the web or text on your phone?
When your parents nag you to get work done
How do you respond to their dampening your fun?
When driving alone do you exceed the limit?
And run the red light, risking a ticket?
Each day of Life, there’s a road passing by
It’s commonly known as Highway 365
This road is unusual, you make the rules
There’s nothing and no one to conform you
The effort you invest in its construction
Will ultimately determine your life or destruction
You can pave smoothly each and every day
And dispose of rocks and bumps which block your way
The work is grueling, the work is draining
But in the end, you’ll cruise without wearing
Or you can laugh and hum through Life
And one day pay for with regret and strife
Life is a highway, you make the decision
Which road will you choose? It depends on your vision.
Faulty priorities pave unstable roads
They can’t bear the weight of heavy truckloads
And in the first quake of Life it will be broken to bits
When the damage done can’t be mended or fixed
With a thread-bare start you must begin anew
But your tools have been spent, and your confidence too
Why waste such precious time?
Why sit around idle, and argue and whine?
When paving a smooth road, so steady and straight
Yields rewards so exceedingly great
Others have done it and have succeeded
Though the process was hard and gruelingly heated
So invest time wisely, don’t let it hurry by
And drive on smoothly down Highway 365.

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