My Living Room Audience of None

February 8, 2012
By TheAurorasFall PLATINUM, Dover, Pennsylvania
TheAurorasFall PLATINUM, Dover, Pennsylvania
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I sit in my corner once again
And gaze upon reflections shown
The black and white of pictures fade
But I can tell true emotion

The real emotion I must say
Reminds me of the days alone
When I sit upon my broken stool
And sing to my audience of none

My living room audience of none
But the seats are full, can’t you see
There is only one chair in this room
So my audience consists of me

The audience consists of me
Not exactly true this time
Because when music comes I’m lost
Falling in love with what’s behind my eyes

In love with what’s behind my eyes
That’s not like hating everything real
But it’s hard to care about all outside
When inside is truly what you feel

So inside and what I really feel
In my little corner all alone
I can only hope that someday
I’ll find an audience of one

My living room audience of one
I’d need to add another chair
Because judging by the black and white
You’re presence will be welcomed here

The author's comments:
I told my friend i was singing.. she said what for? I said For my audience one none..

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