I Miss The Proson Who Knew Me The Most

February 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Chet,
I wonder if you'll ever speak to again. I still remember all the fun we had, when I was around you. You were the one who made me laugh and smile each and everyday. We had made plans but they were never kept we just couldn't. But when we hanged out we would always party and have the best times of are lifes. I still wonder what you are up to this very day. We haven't talked in so long not knowing if we'll speak again. Now I wonder who you hang out with who are your friends if I was still there would we still be best friends' or would we have gone our different ways you are only a cupply months olded than me but we are still close.But for now all I can say is good-bye even though I know you will never read this letter but I still wonder if you did would you even know it is about you. You probable wouldn’t because not matter what I say you never reply. I know your mad at me for the first day of 8th grade at lunch. If I could I would go back and change that day. But I know if you would just look past the fact I let you down then I know you would be able to forgive me and come back to being my best friend.
I love you CHet like you were my own sister that’s just what you are a sister to me the one who knew would all ways be there when I needed you because you said so. And you Knew me like no one esle knew me.
I miss you with all my heart and all ways will.

From your friend always

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