While the World Crashes Down

February 6, 2012
The world is crashing down on me

As I sit here on my knees

Crying but not praying

Cause God couldn't care less about me.

If there even is a God

Cause with all this hurt and pain it's kind of hard

To believe if he was real he'd let this happen

It would just show that God doesn't mind if people sin.

But this isn't a good time for philosophy

Cause the world is crashing down on me.

I wish I didn't hate myself so much

But I do for being the odd one of the bunch

Even though it's not my fault that people are mean

I still blame myself for something that I can't help but be.

I can't help that I'm ugly

But I still cut myself for it,

And God's never gonna intervene

Cause he doesn't care a bit,

And the world's crashing down on me

While I sit here and do nothing

Because to die right now would be

The best present anyone could ever bring,

And while the world comes crashing down

I realize I've been speaking this all out loud

But the teacher doesn't quite hear what I said

So I pretend I'm all right, put on a fake smile, and say,"The answer, sir, is 10."

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Behind_a_Plastic_Smile said...
Feb. 23, 2012 at 5:26 pm
wow this is really strong I write poems like this and I always hate when people take it to literal (the whole "just kill me now please" thing) but I just can't help but feel worried. it's just so perfectly written and I really love this piece. great job!
TheAustinator replied...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 5:52 pm
I know just what you mean by people taking it so literal. I write these type of poems cause they're easy to write for me(although I do cut myself.) Thanks for the compliment!
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