Who Am I?

March 10, 2008
Who am I?
Just another person on this planet?
Just another man?
That takes life for grant it?
Just another boy making childish mistakes?
Then asking God to forgive and give him breaks?
Or am i a leader? One to build the world stronger?
One to help those in need?
So who exactly am I? All these things i could be.
But which one exactly is me?
I'm a giver. Not a taker.
I lover. Not a fighter.
A writer. Not a reader.
A doer. Not a talker..
I am who I am because I choose to be that person.
I look in the mirror and see myself. But that's not my whole self.
That's the flesh and blood of my family before me.
But the inner me wants out
It wants to express itself. It wants to let the people it cares about the most
And although those people know..
I wanna really let em know.
That I care..
I love. And that there isn't anything i wouldn't do for em..
because we have been through too much to let that go now..
but who am i to say things like this..
who am I to judge the world on its outer features like mine.. i cant..
because the world is round.. its much deeper than the surface.. as am i!
I'm me and nobody else.. so I'm sitting here asking myself who i am.
But did i not just describe myself.. now i must release the inner me.. be me.. nobody else
because nobody else is me! I'm a writer.. a lover.. a passionate person.. and my words cut deep.. and when they do.. I'm going to write something and come back and clean the wounds.. Who am I? I am me!

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