The secret life of Angela Mobely

January 17, 2012
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The secret Life of a depressed doctor


Angela, a doctor, walks into the patient’s with room with a forced smile,
Angela lifts the sheets off of the patient and preps for surgery.

She grabbed her scalpel and makes an incision,

The blood oozes from the patient’s chest.

The other doctors hand Angela tools, as she needs them,
The patient’s heart is now visible part of which was blue from the lack of oxygen.

Angela cuts into the heart with a silver pair of scissors,

The patient was sleeps from the drugs they had given him.

The patient did not feel any pain at all,
Angela stitches her patient up after the surgery.

She walked out of the hospital, ready to leave.

In Transit

Angela walks across the parking lot glancing at the sun in her eyes,
She peers over to where her car is perched, a Mercedes SLR.

The car is dark metallic orange that gives it a racy,
As Angela draws closer to her car an ambulance speeds by her.

She climbs into her car, reaches for her coffee mug, which is consequently, empty,
Angela settles for a piece of spearmint Five gum instead.

She puts the car in drive and speeds home, remarkable fast,

In fact Angela speeds so fast all the trees and grass look like, green.



Angela opens the gates to her property not wasting any time,
Angela pulls into her driveway revving the engine of her Mercedes before, she,
Puts it in park.

She walks up to her big sold oak doors, puts the key in and walks into the, house,
Angela glances over at her spiral staircase goes up into the upper portion, of the house.

She walks over to her kitchen, staring at her red oak floor,

She strolls over to her silver refrigerator and pulls out food.

She sighs and looks at the ingredients on her white granite counter top,
Without any more hesitation she pulls out a needle from her purse and,
Plunges it into her.

She collapses on the floor into a heap from her instant drug overdose.

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