From the Moment I Place My Foot Down

March 10, 2008
By Lacie Turnbull, Clarkston, MI

From the moment I place my foot down on the rough, green turf
to the players last final moment,
I cheer for the Wolves
who play the game with pride in their name.

The sweet cold smell of a Friday night
disperses into my nose:
From that moment on I am only a dancer on a stage.
I feel – relaxed, excited and cheerful—completely in my element.

Anyone could use extra strength
when their spirits are down.
Anyone can use a bonus boost
to keep their courage rising.

Uhhhh, I hold by breath;
The quarterback throws the ball and it smoothly rolls of his fingertips.
I release a slight sigh as the receiver snatches the solid ball.
The Guard is like a giant barricade;
it’s stopping the enemy from entering.

Friday nights are the nights to remember.
When the lights go on,
Game time, always fight never surrender.

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