January 17, 2012
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You can see the look in her eyes,
Her hands are trembling,
Her faced is stripped to pure white,
Her smile has disappeared,
Her eyes stained with red,
She’s trying to force back her tears,

Her hope has disintegrated,
Her faith has evaporated,
Her heart is left broken,

A young girl only 29,
Has just been told she has cancer,
Her minds racing,
The rooms spinning,
Her emotions are souring,
How will she tell her father?
Only if her mother could of stayed with her forever,
Who will tell her kids?
Will her husband leave,

There’s a family gathering,
She gets ready for her announcement
Right away she’s crying,

She takes a step,

Then takes a breath,

Clears her throat,

And continues,

Attention everyone,
I have an announcement,
Today I found out I have cancer,
Right away people rush out of the room,
Not wanting to cry in front of her,
Her father flees,
This thing has already taking his love one,
And she starts crying why me,

Her husband hugs her,
And whispers in her ear “don’t worry I’m not going anywhere”,
Then goes after her father,
Now no ones left,
But her daughter,
Her name is little Suzi,
She notices something weird,
From behind the blur,
Of her still looming tears,

Little Suzis not crying,
She doesn’t even seem scared,

When she asks why,
Little suzi smiles,
Then replies “I saw grandma last night she came to me in my dreams”,
Little suzi wipes her tears an says “she told me about your cancer”,
But don’t worry little suzi exclaims,
As she reaches up and wipes her mothers tears away,
She also said “you’re going to be just fine…In fact she said your going to be a 32 year old survivor,

Right then the 29 year old smiled,
And hugged her daughter tight,
Then whispered what else did grandma say?
Little suzi laughed and said “don’t worry she’ll be here forever,

A few years later,
That same young girl,
Came out from the doctors,
With rosy red cheeks,
And a big smile,
For indeed she had been announced as a 32 year old survivor

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