March 10, 2008
By David Cannons, Clarkston, MI

A rock face covered in ghostly figure,
forgotten people painted them long ago.
What drove those men to record their existence?
The same reason we make poems and works of art.
We all want to leave something behind,
a legacy, a reminder that we were here.
We all want to be recalled in later years
as someone who dared to leave something behind,
a mark, some change inflicted on this forgetful world.

The world wants to swallow us up
in its endless abyss of people long dead.
Most allow the sands of time to cover up
the tracks that they left on this world.
However, some take a stand, screaming,
“We will not be forgotten! We will not.”
These people are the same ones who
spend days painting a picture on a cave wall,
spend hours writing poems.
To leave behind a LEGACY.

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