March 10, 2008
By Lindsay Kadlec, Clarkston, MI

She looks at the swollen bruise
that reflects off of the smashed and bloody mirror,
she tries so desperately to convince herself,
that this horrendous acts of abuse,
was a mere accident.

Flashes of the incident spring into memory
as she hides her face in her once scar-free arms.
She slams her cut and bloody hand on the counter:
a counter covered far too often with her
splurged and nasty blood.

Five years later,
she looks back at those scars—
Those scars that have forever marked their place
on her skinny and fragile body:
a body that has escaped the depths of evil.

She never forgets the pain and suffering
she once had to go through.
She has come to learn
that those eternal scars that consume us
in fact remind us, that the past is real.

Whether it was from abuse
or pure accident, those scars
will forever fill her memory and
will forever haunt her of the scarring life
she once was imprisoned in.

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